There are numerous diets that you can follow for weight loss. Recently vegan Paleo diet plan is becoming popular. However, still, many of you don’t know what Paleo vegan diet is.

Both vegan vs. Paleo are entirely different from each other. And includes different foods and nutritional facts. However, both are helpful in weight loss.

In this article, we will explain in detail what is Paleo vegan? And the main difference between vegan and Paleo.

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Vegan Diet

Before understanding what is Paleo vegan? Understand the basics of a vegan diet in detail. So that you can have a better idea of vegan or Paleo. In a vegan diet, there is a strict no to any product coming from animals.

Therefore in a vegan diet, dairy products, eggs, or honey are not included. Hence they get the required protein from vegetables, seeds, legumes, soy, and nuts. Besides, vegan also consumes fruits other than lesser-known grains like quinoa.

The commonly used term for the vegan diet is the ‘plant-based diet.’ Usually, due to the exclusion of animal products, people get the wrong idea about a vegan diet. They think that it is less in nutrition and other essential components.

However, in reality, vegan meals are rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. A vegan diet provides several benefits like weight loss, lower risk of diseases and illness, etc. when you are considering Paleo diet vs. vegan, vegan is the thinner one.

Paleo Diet

Paleo diet has its benefits, which make it a desirable option for many when it comes to weight loss. When anyone says that they are going Paleo, it means they are moving towards the caveman diet. In simple words, they are moving to the diet of the Paleolithic period.

Dairy products are not a part of the Paleo diet because ancient people don’t possess cows. In the Paleo diet, the main focus is on consuming lean meat, leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts. There is a little contradiction here.

Some people think that fruits are not a part of the Paleo diet due to the high content of sugar in them. Apart from weight loss, another significant benefit of the Paleo diet is lowering the risk of autoimmune diseases.

Whichever diet you follow, one thing everyone agreed is, high consumption of processed food is not suitable for health. And this is what restricted in both Paleo and vegan diet.

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what is Paleo veganDifference between Paleo and Vegan Diet

In its basics, both the Paleo diet vs. vegan diet are different from one another.

  • Basics:

Both Paleo versus vegan diet are like two ends of a spectrum entirely different from one another. Paleo diet consists of food that humans consume in Paleolithic times. Means users of the Paleo diet consume the food before the advent of agriculture.

As mentioned above, the Paleo diet consists of lean meat and fruits; however, it doesn’t include dairy products. Advocates of the Paleo diet states that the diet of the Paleolithic period is healthier with greater benefits for humans.

Whereas in the vegan diet, it only consists of vegetables and fruits. Due to which it is commonly called a vegetarian diet. It comes with higher nutritional content and low calories with a simpler lifestyle.

  • Nutrition Plan:

Among several other differences between the two. The biggest one is its nutritional basis. Let’s have a look at their nutritional plan:

Meat: The main difference which distinguishes the two diet plan is meat. Paleo diet primarily consists of meat, whereas meat is not a part of the vegan diet. Meat is wholly excluded from the vegan diet.

Hence vegetarian diet strictly restricts the use of meat and any animal-related product, whereas Paleo requires meat for nutritional purposes.

Dairy Products: Like meat, a vegan diet doesn’t allow the use of any animal-related product. Hence they don’t use products like honey, cheese, yogurt, and milk. They think that consuming food originated from animals is wrong.

In Paleo diets, dairy products are not allowed. Because they were not used in Paleolithic times, however in the Paleo diet, you can consume eggs.

Nutrition PlanProcessed Foods: The only restriction for the vegan diet is you must not consume meat and animal-related food. Hence usually food fulfills this requirement but sometimes is unable to meet Paleo diet standards.

Like you can consume soft drinks, fruit juice, and soy milk in a vegan diet. But these are not a part of the Paleo diet. Because of the presence of processed food in them.

  • Nutritional Benefits:

In the vegan diet, the main concern is to consume enough protein. Therefore to have a required percentage of protein in your diet. Therefore they eat a well-balanced diet consisting of nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Hence it helps them to avoid any problems from the unbalanced diet. To fulfill protein deficiency, vegan diets include maximum usage of Soy milk.

Keep in mind that a constructed vegan diet contains a low percentage of saturated fat and is high in fiber and vitamins.

  • Criticism:

Apart from their popularity and the fact that the Paleo diet is rich in protein and fiber. And restrict the use of processed food, but still, it faces criticism by many health experts. Critics state that they are not against restricting the use of processed food.

However, comparing modern-man with Paleolithic man is not right because both have entirely different lives.

In the same way, a vegan diet is also criticized because they state that a vegan diet is unable to fulfill all nutritional needs.

  • Completion:

There are no specific time limits in the vegan and Paleo diet. However, their continued uses help to achieve weight loss goals or other dietary goals.

The vegan diet follows the philosophy of moral-politics apart from the immense increase in its popularity in the past ten years.

While according to the world report on the Paleo diet, it is the most difficult one to adhere to. Hence it may be a problem in the weight loss goal.

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Pros and Cons of Paleo Vegan Diet

Below is a complete detail of Paleo vegan diet:

  • Benefits:

Among several benefits of the Paleo diet, it helps to eliminate refined carbohydrates. Which is one of the main contributors to weight gain? Whereas the vegan diet removes saturated fat from the diet. As they can raise cholesterol and hence can be a cause of heart diseases.

Whereas there is no dietary cholesterol in the diet of vegans. In both kinds of diets, there is the right amount of fiber. Therefore it is useful in lowering cholesterol and blood glucose level. Besides, you can also feel full with less food and can thus help in weight loss.

what is Paleo vegan

  • Risks:

There are certain forms of dietary deficiencies in the Paleo vegetarian diet. Dairy products are not a part of both diets. Which is necessary for calcium, the main ingredient of bones. However, you can take calcium supplements to fulfill this requirement.

Both of them lack the right amount of vitamin D. Besides, sometimes, the vegan diet lacks iron, which is one of the essential ingredients of a balanced diet.

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Final Words

I am sure now you have to find the answer what is Paleo vegan? This plant-based Paleo tries to cover the deficiencies of one another. And hence providing a balanced diet.


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