Foods to Avoid on Paleo Diet

One of the popular methods to lose weight is the Paleolithic diet or Caveman diet. The main reason behind its skyrocketing popularity is its guarantee to work. Paleo diet provides a long-term solution by using simple nutrition principles.

Paleo diet uses simple diet rules and a whole-food approach to eat, making it a desirable diet plan for weight loss. Therefore one can easily understand which foods to use on the Paleo diet and which to avoid.

Finding an answer to question about foods to avoid on the Paleo diet is as essential as finding foods to eat on the Paleo diet. Hence, in this article, we will give detail info regarding things to avoid on Paleo.

Apart from weight loss, you can enjoy a wide range of health benefits of the Paleo diet. In this article, you will learn about the foods you should not eat during Paleo for better results.

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Paleo Diet – A Brief Overview

Foods to Avoid on Paleo DietThe basic concept of the Paleo diet is to eat what our ancestors eat in the Paleolithic era. Hence, due to this reason, the Paleo diet is also termed as a Stone Age diet or cavemen diet or hunter-gatherer diet.

Before all of this development and modern agriculture introduction, people usually ate what they hunt or gather. Therefore their food includes lean meat, fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

But after all the development and modernism, numerous massive changes take place in the farming industry. And thus, I completely change the eating habit of people. Now foods like legumes, dairy products, and grains have become a significant part of their diets.

However, the believers of the Paleo diet states that the human body is still not able to process dairy products, grains, legumes, etc. As a result of this, instead of giving benefits, these foods might cause harm to the body.

So, a human should return to the Paleo diet for better health and especially if they want to lose weight.

Top 10 Foods to Avoid on Paleo Diet

It is essential to know about the Paleo diet food list as which foods are not part of the Paleo diet. Therefore in this section, we will explain the food to avoid on Paleo diet.

Below is the complete detail of these foods and why you should not eat them during the Paleo diet.

Paleo diet food list 1. Grains:

The first name in our list of what not to eat on Paleo is grains. You should not eat any kind of grains during Paleo; even gluten-free grains should be avoided. Don’t eat anything that has grains in it.

Grains are like your enemy in the Paleo diet for weight loss. Usually, people question can you eat corn on Paleo or is corn Paleo-friendly. However, like other grains, corn, you should avoid corn in Paleo.

Another commonly asked question is popcorn Paleo or can you eat popcorn on the Paleo diet? However, anything food comes in the category of grain is your enemy for weight loss in the Paleo diet.

The main reason for avoiding grain is due to the presence of gluten, poor nutrition density, and high carbohydrate content.

2. Dairy Products:

Dairy products are not preferred in the Paleo diet. Do you also think that is butter Paleo or can you eat butter on Paleo? Then the answer is no; dairy products are not preferable in the Paleo diet.

Common dairy products like milk and low-fat dairy are strictly avoided in the Paleo diet.

However, there are certain dairy products like cheese, cream, or yogurt, which some people might use in a Paleo diet. As a result of which dairy products fall in a gray category where people can use certain products.

In Paleo, diet butter is a debatable category. Because many think that grass-butter is okay to use, but if you ask, can you eat peanut butter on Paleo than the answer is no.

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3. Processed Foods:

Processed foods are a big no-no in the Paleo diet. The main reason behind this is the excessive use of refined sugar, refined vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, and salt in it. Although you can find contradictory statements on this.

But the bottom line is refined vegetables contain a high amount of omega-6 to omega-3. And hence they should be avoided. All of these are man-made food, whereas Paleo is entirely based on natural foods.

Due to this, they are not a part of the Paleo diet. Artificial sweeteners can lower food calories. Therefore they are not preferable. The same is the case with high-fructose corn syrups.

4. Legumes:

The next name on our list is legumes. They belong to a family of plants having seeds and pods. It includes lentils, tofu, peas, beans, and peanut. Therefore anyone thinking is peanuts Paleo, no they are not.

It also includes products like peanut butter and soy sauce. The presences of the high content of phytic acid and lectins make them undesirable in the Paleo diet. However, research is going on as some people they contain low fat and high amount of protein, fiber, and iron.

Keep in mind that cashews are not legumes.

5. Starchy Vegetables:

All starchy vegetables like potatoes, beets, squash, and sweet potatoes are not a part of the Paleo diet. Because they can increase your blood pressure in comparison to berries and spinach. However, it comes in a gray area.

If you take them in a moderate amount, then it is okay. However, make sure to minimize their use to as lower as possible if your motto is to lose weight through the Paleo diet. Starchy vegetables have a high percentage of the glycemic index.

Hence unlike other green leafy vegetables, which are advised to use, their usage is limited.

6. Processed Meat:

Although the Paleo diet is mostly based on meat. However, it includes lean meat and not any form of processed meat. Lamb, beef, and free-range poultry fed on grass is a good source of nutrition in Paleo.

However, processed meats like lunch meat, sausages are not a part of Paleo. Because of this, not the form of meat our ancestors eat. Any form of processed meat contains sodium nitrates and other unnatural preservatives due to which they are not safe to use.

However, you can find the Paleo diet beacon, which does not contain sodium nitrate and is suitable to use in the Paleo diet.

7. Sweets:

Sugar is a manufactured product and hence is not a part of the Paleo diet. Any form of food containing sugar is not a part of the Paleo diet, and its consumption should be immediately stopped.

Hence you have to cut sugar entirely from your life. All delicious sweets will become past, as they are more destructive than beneficial. According to a rule of thumb, food containing sugar is not a Paleo diet-friendly.

So, before starting your Paleo diet journey, bid a farewell to all sweets from your life.

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8. High Sugar Fruits:

Although fruits are a big part of the Paleo diet. Nutritionists recommend foods like fatty avocado due to its low-sugar feature. However, still, some fruits are best not to use in the Paleo diet.

Because in the Paleolithic era, commonly consumed foods are small berries. Berries are rich in antioxidants and are low in sugar in comparison to other fruits. However, when comes a question in which fruits are not Paleo?

Than banana and melon are the first names in the list, if you are thinking are bananas Paleo than no. Bananas are not a Paleo fruit.

High Sugar Fruits9. Processed Cooking Oils:

“Tran’s fats,” “hydrogenated fats,” or “partially hydrogenated fats,” are also on the list of things not to eat in the Paleo diet. Oils like Soybean oil, grapeseed oil, corn oil, etc. must be removed from your life.

Any food that has a word-processed with it is automatically getting out from the list of Paleo diet.  Due to the same reason, processed oils are also not a part of the Paleo diet, and it is better not to se them.

10. Energy Drinks and Alcohol:

Soft drinks, energy drinks, and alcohol are not included in the Paleo diet. All of them are harmful to your health. Soft drinks are rich in sugar and fructose content, making them undesirable for the Paleo diet.

The same is the case of fruit juices; they are also high in sugar and thus suddenly become undesirable. To see a hundred percent results of your Paleo diet, you should exclude these drinks and alcohol from your life.

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Final Saying

Paleo diet was what our ancestors eat in the past almost 10,000 years ago. Therefore to lose weight and get a maximum benefit from the Paleo diet, we should only eat Paleo-friendly foods.

But there are certain foods which we should avoid as well. Any processed food is excluded from the list of Paleo foods. Hence you should avoid processed oils, processed foods, and processed meat.

We had explained in detail the foods to avoid on the Paleo diet. And I am sure you have got a better idea now.


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