Can you Eat Rice on the Paleo Diet?


The paleo diet is short for the Paleolithic diet and it gets its name from the Paleolithic era. The diet clearly takes after its name resembling what our ancestors gathered and hunted to eat thousands of years ago.let’s discuss Can you Eat Rice on the Paleo Diet in detail

Although it is difficult to know what people ate back then worldwide, research states their diet comprised of whole foods. With a wholefood-based diet, the ancient humans had much lower rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Many studies also suggest that this diet can cause some major health improvements and that is more important. There is no correct way to choosing what to eat for this diet. The paleolithic humans thrived on a variety of diets, depending on what was available at the time and where in the world they lived.

While some ate a low-carb diet high in animal foods, others followed a high-carb diet with lots of plants. If you’ve decided to try this diet, there are some gray lines pertaining to what can one eat in this diet?

Many people want to give paleo a try and wonder if they can eat rice on this diet. If eaten moderately, rice can be a splendid addition to any diet since it’s loaded with nutrients. But does that mean we can eat it on paleo? Let’s solve this query Can you Eat Rice on the Paleo Diet right away!

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What is the Paleo Diet?

As stated before, the Paleo Diet consists of unprocessed foods or whole foods. It usually includes fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat. This is the food that can be easily obtained from a surrounding while hunting or gathering. It also includes the removal of all sorts of grains from your diet.

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Is Rice Paleo Friendly?

The answer to this question could be both yes and no. There are many kinds of paleo diets to select from. Some types allow you to include grains in your diet while others don’t.

Furthermore, brown rice consists of phytates and lectins. They can cause digestion issues in some people. However, there are different types of rice as well and they all have different properties.

Whether you integrate this grain into your diet or not is completely up to you. Though, some people experience bloating after they eat rice. In such cases choosing other carb sources such as root veggies could be a better option for you.

Apart from that, rice is a grain but also a staple food. And removing staple food from the diet could be an extremely difficult thing to do. Having said that, the rice should always be an occasional dish in the diet and never a regular item.

Types of Rice

There are different types of rice such as white rice and brown rice. Both have different characteristics and different effects on the body. When it comes to health and diet, brown rice is the best healthy option. However, this is not always the case.


White Rice and Brown Rice for Paleo Diet

Brown rice has a brown color since its seed contains some different parts. An entire seed of rice, from the inside out possesses a kernel, hull and the bran. With brown rice, the hull is absent but the bran and kernel are still present.

However, white rice is very different from the brown one as it has everything removed apart from the kernel. Brown rice is also taken as a healthy food item because it still consists of the bran. Bran is the part of rice that contains all the nutrients such as minerals and fibers.

But while it contains all the good stuff it also possesses a few questionable things such as phytic acid. Phytic acid binds all these nutrients and makes them inaccessible for our bodies to use.

Since white rice doesn’t have bran, it doesn’t have any healthy nutrients but it also doesn’t contain phytic acid either. This allows white rice to digest in our body much easier as well. And this is why most Paleo experts say that white rice is acceptable on the Paleo diet.

How to Consume Rice for Paleo Diet?

Before you go all out including rice in your diet, there are certain things you should always be careful about. Rice has a very high glycemic index as it is a high carb food item.

So, if you desire to lose weight and have high sugar levels or have diabetes then it would be wise to not include it in your diet. If you’re comparatively healthy, have no blood sugar issues, or if you’re an athlete who needs to refill their glycogen stores then consuming rice in small amounts should be fine.

So, if you decide that you want your diet to have white rice then here are some healthy practices.

  • Rinse your rice really well before cooking it. This helps to remove all sorts of harmful toxins of the grains.
  • Rice should not be the most major part of your meal. It should be an assisting source of protein and paired with some vegetables. We can also pair it with any form of healthy fat. This ensures that you don’t eat too much rice but it also helps keep your blood sugar in check.

Try to buy rice from your local organic sources. Having said all of this, it still depends on what works best for your body and what your body accepts.


Is Rice Flour Paleo?

Rice flour is not Paleo. If you are not a very physically active person then you don’t need the extra carbs. You can easily get them from fruits and vegetables in a typical Paleo diet. Nevertheless, if you’re a highly active individual then there may be some room for some extra carbs in your diet.

It all comes down to knowing your personalized nutritional needs and what feels best to you. If you aren’t sure whether rice flour would be a good addition to your Paleo diet then you don’t need to consume it.


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