Breakfast is the main meal of the day. Hence it should be nutritious, healthy, and delicious to start a new day on a high note. There are numerous options as to what to eat at breakfast. But your list becomes a little narrow of you are a follower of a Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes.

Then I am sure many of you are thinking about what to eat for breakfast on a Mediterranean diet. Keep in mind that the Mediterranean diet doesn’t follow any rigid rules or guidelines.

However, still, certain foods are preferable for breakfast than others. In this article, we will explain the best breakfast recipes for a Mediterranean diet to follow.

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What does a Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Look Like?

Before giving you an answer to understand that the Mediterranean region contains certain parts of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Therefore giving you an exact idea about how Mediterranean breakfast looks like is a little difficult.

However, generally, Mediterranean breakfast is quick, simple, and a savory meal. And when it comes to a strict Mediterranean diet breakfast than it is somewhat likely a vegetarian breakfast.

Top 10 Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes

Below is the list of best Mediterranean diet breakfast:

1. Greek Yogurt Pancakes:

If you want to have some delicious, as well as healthy breakfast, try Greek yogurt pancakes. It’s like giving yourself a treat but in a healthy way. Therefore to make it a healthy one, try to skip syrup waterfall.

Instead, add some sneaky ingredients which help to transform your pancakes into a healthy one. For a creamy texture, use Greek yogurt in this recipe. It is full of proteins as a result of which is quite fulfilling for breakfast.

Besides, you can also exchange all-purpose flour with wheat-flour and don’t add sugar. Instead of sugar, add some vanilla extract. And finally, use loads of fruits on top. Is it not delicious and healthy as well?

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes2. Poached Eggs Caprese:

The next name in our list of Mediterranean breakfast recipes is poached egg caprese. Make a delicious poached egg. Use a slice of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese at the top of perched eggs for a good taste.

Eat it with the English muffins for a mouthwatering experience. You can make your fresh pesto for the topping of poached eggs.

In the Mediterranean diet, eggs are an essential part. Therefore it is best to eat them in breakfast for an energetic day. You can also use beacon, turkey or whole wheat English muffins with poached eggs caprese.

3. Mediterranean Breakfast Quinoa:

Want to have some nuts in breakfast along with something sweet. Than have Mediterranean breakfast quinoa as your Mediterranean diet breakfast. Enjoy cinnamon flavor quinoa along with dates, honey, and toasted almonds.

It not only fulfills your hunger but also provides all the required calories for breakfast. It is a perfect blend of salty, sweet, and nutty. And also have a great texture.

Most importantly, it is neither too light nor too heavy, serving as a perfect breakfast on a diet. It will make you feel full until lunch and is worth to try.

4. Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs on Toast:

Yes, we are talking about poached eggs toast on the oldie avocado toast. Avocado toast is old news. Therefore let move with the time. There is a solid reason why this Mediterranean diet breakfast recipe is still trending.

It is not only delicious but is filing as well. It is rich in fiber. However, the main highlight of this recipe is the ease of making it. You can cook it in minutes.

And when you add smoked salmon and poached eggs served with soy sauce, splashing recipe goes next level.

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes5. Eggs Florentine:

Net name in our bucket of Mediterranean breakfast ideas is egg, Florentine. When you are on a Mediterranean diet, you have consumed eggs to have the required number of calories. And the best time to consume eggs is breakfast.

Have you thought about scrambling up cream cheese, spinach, and mushrooms with egg and garlic? Do it to make a yummy egg Florentine. I am sure once you try this recipe, it will become one of the favorite breakfast diet recipes.

6. Shakshuka:

I am sure this mouthwatering recipe can catch your attention only with its name. It is a North African dish containing spicy tomato and pepper sauce. And after some time, this sauce is cooked and then finished with eggs on top.

An important tip here is to cook your sauce to the point where veggies become soft, nice, and sweet. And after putting an egg in the sauce covered it. Or you can cook to your liking.

When ready, it makes a delicious and flavorful breakfast.

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7. Caprese on Toast:

Above we have talked about avocado toast, but it was not originated in the Mediterranean. However, Caprese is a traditional Italian dish. In this lightly toasted bread contains Caprese on its top.

The key point of this traditional Mediterranean breakfast is the use of fresh ingredients. For the distinctive flavor of the toast, never forget to rub garlic on toast.

8. Honey Almond Ricotta Spread with Peaches:

In general, the Mediterranean diet is a low diary diet. The critical point is that it is not entirely a no dairy diet. Hence you can use a little number of dairy products like milk in your diet. Honey Almond Ricotta Spread with Peaches is a good diet breakfast.

In days when you crave for some something cream, this is the best breakfast Mediterranean diet recipe. Besides, if you are a fan of less salty breakfast, than this is your perfect breakfast recipe.

It contains fresh English muffins, sliced peaches, fresh ricotta, and honey. A perfect breakfast to enjoy with freshly brewed coffee.

9. Breakfast Sandwich:

Another good diet breakfast is Mediterranean sandwiches. It is much similar to the Caprese salad. However, it contains eggs as well. It is one of the fantastic Mediterranean diet breakfast recipes.

Besides, it is also fast, easy, fresh, and a tasty recipe. It is also termed as quick and easy breakfast containing whole grain muffins, spinach tomatoes, and egg white. Sprinkle feta cheese on top of it to make it more delicious.

It’s mouthwatering and delicious with all healthy ingredients.

10. Mediterranean Breakfast Salad:

The last breakfast recipe we have is a Mediterranean breakfast salad. I am sure many of you are shocked after reading the word salad. Salad and in breakfast. Yes, salad and that too in breakfast.

Don’t worry; it will not only fill your hunger and make you full. But is also rich in all required nutrients and provide your daily required calories. It contains avocados, tomatoes, and soft boiled eggs.

And finally, instead of lettuce add some peppery arugula for the sake of your taste buds. Besides, it is also an excellent ingredient for the running yolk. And for more nutrition and better taste, add some toasted almonds.

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast RecipesFinal Words

A Mediterranean diet break is simple, easy, and fast apart from being a healthy one. We have explained the ten best Mediterranean breakfast recipes above. I am sure you will love those when you try them.


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