Losing weight is not an easy task. One needs to have a healthy diet along with a regular workout routine. According to certain scientific research, weight loss consists of 30% working out and 70% diet. The diet we consume should also consist of small regular meals with constant snacking for efficient weight loss. Now we will discuss Low Carb Vegetables List in detail.

Fruits are one of the healthiest and most preferred snacks. Their sweet taste attracts everyone and sweet taste means high sugar content. Sugar is a form of carbohydrate so it is very difficult to come across a fruit that has a low carb value. Luckily, nature has given us vegetables as another healthy alternative to snack on.

Although vegetables rarely have a sweet taste some of them have high carb content. But there are still numerous vegetables that offer lesser amount of carbohydrates and promote efficient weight loss. Therefore, vegetables are an important part of a healthy low-carb diet.

However, we need to be careful of the vegetables that have a high content of carbohydrates and must avoid them. We should also consume the low carb vegetables in a balanced way so their calories don’t amount to greater calories. For further assistance, we bring to you a list of the topmost low carb vegetables.

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What are Low Carb Vegetables?

When a person is on a low carb diet, they usually limit their carbohydrate intake to below 30g per day. Low carb vegetables are the ones that are high in nutrients and low in carbohydrates.

This means that they offer other nutrients that overcome the deficiency of this major macronutrient. Green leafy vegetables generally contain fewer calories as well. We have further enlisted the most renowned ones.

1. Asparagus

Asparagus contains only 4g of carbs in one cup. This vegetable is a fantastic source of vitamins C, K, and A and also promotes brain health and lower anxiety. It is one of vegetable that people eat and cook in various ways. You can have it with meat, stir fry it or simply grill it as well.

2. Broccoli

When it comes to low carb vegetables, broccoli is a very common and highly preferred choice. One cup of this vegetable only contains only 4g of carbohydrates. It is also very nutritious as it is full of vitamin K and C.

According to certain studies, broccoli can fight off certain cancers. It is also known to lower the insulin resistance in patients of Type 2 Diabetes. You can have broccoli in salad or could also make it a bit tastier by trying broccoli fritters.

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Low Carb Vegetable List3. Spinach

This green leafy vegetable offers only 3g of carbs per cup and is a favorite choice of people to eat with salads. Spinach is a rich source of Vitamin K and protects against eye diseases and enhances heart health. It also happens to be a rich source of minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

4. Bell Peppers

Capsicums are not only known to add flavor and color to different dishes but this vibrant vegetable also has low carb content. Bell peppers are also known as capsicum and are available green, red and yellow colors. However, the green-colored capsicum is mostly used for cooking.

Capsicums are full of nutrients and are an excellent source of vitamin A. The good news is that they’re extremely nutritious. They are full of vitamin A and carotenoids. Red and yellow bell peppers are also low in carbs as they have only 6g of carbs per cup.

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5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are famous for their extremely low carb value that is only 1g of carbs per cup. Other than their low carb content, they add an amazing flavor to every dish and enhance its flavor and texture. Mushrooms also possess very effective anti-inflammatory properties, and can improve inflammation in people suffering from metabolic syndrome.

 top 10 Low Carb Vegetable List6. Green Beans

This low carb vegetable might belong to the legume family, but they have very less carbs compared to most legumes. They are also known as snap beans. One cup of green beans provides 6g of carbs and they are usually used as an addition to various side dishes.

Adding green beans to your dish not only enhances its texture but it also helps to maintain brain function during aging.

7. Zucchini

This vegetable contains only 3g of carbohydrates per cup and is also a brilliant source of vitamin C. It goes in salads and is also utilized as a healthier alternative to wheat noodles with zoodles. Zoodles are noodles that have been made from zucchini.

8. Cauliflower

There are only 2g of carbs in one cup of cauliflower. It is also high in vitamin C and vitamin K. It has the potential to lower risks of heart-related diseases and cancer as well. There are many cooking varieties with cauliflower as well.

It is used to substitute rice and is also a topping for casseroles and pizzas.

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Low Carb Vegetable List9. Avocado

While avocados are usually thought to be a fruit, they can also be eaten instead of vegetables. They provide the only 3g of carbs per cup and have a high fat content. They are an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C.

The monounsaturated fats present in avocados help in lowering LDL levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

10. Lettuce / Kale

No salad is complete without at least one of them. Both lettuce and kale are a favorite pick in salads. Both of them also fall under the list of low carb vegetables. They are also an incredible source of vitamin C and A. They can also protect one against heart diseases.

Although kale is more nutritious than lettuce, it also contains more amount of carbohydrates per serving than lettuce. Therefore, one should be extremely careful while consuming kale so that they don’t go overboard with the calories.


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