1500 calories diet

If I present this 1500 calories diet plan to you, it is because it represents, in my opinion, a good compromise between a reasonable calorie reduction (usually 2000 Kcal is needed for a woman and 2500 Kcal for a man) and maintaining the pleasure of eating in a friendly atmosphere. This is also the one with which I get very good results with my patients:

1500 calories diet plan For breakfast

A dairy product, bread or another cereal product, a fruit (fresh or in juice), and a drink

  • 50 to 60g of lightly buttered bread (or with a reduced-fat), one or two clementines.
  • A plain yogurt, a compote without added sugar, a bowl of plain cereals, a glass of fruit juice.
  • White cheese at 0% or 20% fat, one fresh fruit, two or three lightly buttered and jammy rusks, tea or coffee without sugar.
  • In the morning, drink 2 to 3 glasses of water.

1500 calories diet plan at lunch

A starter of raw vegetables (rapeseed oil for the vinaigrette), a main course without sauce with half vegetable half starch, a dairy product, a fruit

  • Grated lemon carrots, steak half beans, half beans, a natural yogurt, a seasonal fruit. Drink water.
  • Tomatoes in a salad (light vinaigrette), salmon half ratatouille half mash, white cheese at 0% or 20% fat, a seasonal fruit. Drink water
  • Ham with lentils (no bacon), green salad, cheese, a slice of bread, a salad of fresh fruits. Drink water.

Hungry in the afternoon?

two or three clementines or an apple or other seasonal fruit (possibly the dessert for lunch). Drink two to three glasses of water and possibly some fruit juice. Soda is possible but only light.

At dinner

dish with vegetables, dairy products and fruit.

  • Thick vegetable soup, one or two slices of ham, yogurt, and seasonal fruit. Drink water.
  • Two fried eggs with spinach in light cream, green salad (rapeseed oil), bread and a small portion of cheese, seasonal fruit. Drink water.
  • Mixed salad, a nice slice of bread, a natural yogurt, a seasonal fruit. Drink water.

Drink at least 1.5 L of water during the day, during, and between meals.

Coffees and teas are possible.

Without sugars or with sweeteners. Avoid exceeding 3 to 4 cups per day.

Do not drink alcohol on weekdays.

On the other hand, you can have a little on the weekends: no more than a glass of wine or champagne on Saturday and Sunday.

Note. the small amount of bread (maximum 100g per day) and starches (half a plate at lunch, to share with vegetables) which must have a slow GI to avoid stimulating insulin, a hormone that promotes the storage of what you eat as fat. Slow GI bread: cereal bread, rye bread, sourdough bread. Starchy foods with a slow GI: pasta, brown rice, pulses.

You also see that you eat well, varied and therefore probably with pleasure and in the long term. This is a necessary condition for success.

Weigh yourself regularly; 2 to 3 times a week, in the morning on an empty stomach.

React quickly as soon as you gain a little weight and take into account the extras you have undoubtedly done in the previous days.

Don’t be sedentary anymore. It’s essential. Be very regular in your physical activity (once a day or every other day, but not once a week).

You will thus gradually have the pleasure of seeing your body refine, without losing your muscles and your vitality. You keep the pleasure of eating everything (or almost) and without isolating yourself socially. In short, you hardly feel like you’re on a diet and are ready to make it your new way of life. If you have this click, then you will reach your desired weight.


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